In 5 minutes Ryan bends wire into a personalized sculpture for your guests to keep as an enduring reminder of your party.

Some popular requests are, portraits of their pets, family portraits, any cartoon character, Names, animals… silly requests are fun too, like a bear chasing a clown on a bike. Any request is easily done and the results are entertaining.

Wire sculpture adds fun to a party of any size. At small parties, each person can get multiple sculptures, for large parties all the guests are entertained by seeing the creativity and artwork being made. Some will get in line maybe multiple times to get sculptures. Others will just watch and chat. If a host wants extra sculptures for the guests to bring home, Premade sculptures can be ordered.

The sculptures are made from a variety of shiny metals such as aluminum copper and brassĀ  wire.

Ryan is happy to travel to your parties in Florida, nationwide or beyond

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